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Rob Gillispie of Chardon is back for a second year of Lighten Up. Gillispie says his goal in his weight-loss journey is to be able to walk the stairs at Penitentiary Glen with his mother.

Friday, July 26, 2013

final blog, poetry attempt

Lighten Up 2013
The contest may be over, but I still have goals to meet.
I still can't jog around my block and still can't see my feet.
When the contest started, I had it all planned in my mind.
I joined the gym but honestly, I only went a couple times.
I started great the first three months, I lost thirty pounds real fast,
Then summer and temptation came and I just ran out of gas.
The picnics and grad parties with all the food I ate,
The only exercise I got was hauling around my plate.
I tried to get myself on track thought I had a few good weeks,
Unfortunately, that Saturday, the red scale did not agree.
I've really learned a lot from this, have a few bad habits tossed.
Congrats to all participants for all the weight you've lost.
I know that I can do this, this is not the end.
When this time comes next year, I"ll  "Lighten Up" again.

Thanks to Laura, Cori, Cabana's, Lean Living, Lake County Health District, News Herald, Lake County Y and everyone else who helped make this a great experience.


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